Being Friends With Exes: Is It Regular?

I outdated a significant amount of people, and perhaps i am strange, but I’m nevertheless friends with many of them. Maybe not “hang aside every week and behave like best friends” style of pals, but seriously the sort of friends which get coffee sometimes, venture out for a glass or two from time to time, want the other person a happy birthday, an such like. In fact, almost all of my exes have actually satisfied my personal recent date at housewarming functions, birthday soirees, etc. as they are just among folks I think about friends.

My girlfriends believe i will be crazy. Most of them believe it’s the weirdest thing ever before that I talk to my exes. They think it is strange that I go beyond the most common fb stalking, which I would also desire exposure to all of them. For several ones, we concur — we failed to finish on great terms and conditions, or this has been so long that individuals could not possibly have anything in accordance. Another friend insists that i am asking for an opportunity to hack to my sweetheart, that will be almost certainly false.

So…why perform I keep them around? For each and every one, there is an independent response. Using my initial date actually ever, it’s nostalgia. I became 15 and youthful and he was actually the very first individual We ever before enjoyed, in a totally innocent means. He was my personal first genuine hug, 1st man we ever before stated I appreciated, and some one I was thinking really was good and fascinating. He’s nevertheless great and fascinating, therefore have recognized one another for half our life. We aren’t best friends (the guy lives in a different country) however the unexpected fb talk about the existing life is a useful one. With another man, we dated extremely temporarily because we determined that individuals’d be a lot better in the same manner friends. Our very own relationship is actually near but entirely platonic because there had been never “real” thoughts there. Using my most crucial ex, we’ve plenty history so it’d be a shame to not stay in touch anyway, although we chat therefore rarely that it is even more merely a friendship in name just. I’m over all of them, have-been gladly involved with my present relationship for 5 decades and truly haven’t any anger or sick will towards these guys.

Overall, i am an individual who doesn’t have plenty of drama or grudges. We have not too many relationships having concluded drastically, and I also don’t have any sworn enemies (uh, that I know of). We use the same method with the majority of exes (there are just a couple I never, actually ever talk to) because i love to consider We chose decent individuals big date, no matter if we did not work out in a romantic sense.

So tell me: Is being friends together with your exes normal?